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Diagnostic centre in Faridabad

Diagnosis is important implication in patients care policy. It helps positions diagnose illness and provide accurate treatment. If diagnosis is correct and made in timely manner, patient has a best chance for better and positive health because clinical decision making will be tailored to a accurate understanding of health problem. The doctor, in making a diagnosis, also depends on several other clues such as nonverbal signals of distress, physical signs & the results of selected radiology & laboratory as well as various other imaging tests. In revolutionized health care sector diagnostic tests are playing an important role at every step of disease management. Healthhood Diagnostic centre in Faridabad holds your care and comfort highly and works hard to provide you best services.

Blood test lab in Faridabad

Blood test laboratory performs analysis on the blood sample collected from the veins of patient in order to determine patients health condition. Test can help you keep track of your health as well as managing health condition such as diabetes, cholesterol etc.. Blood test commonly used for routine checkup. However, in some cases blood test is also recommended by doctors in order to examine your heart, kidneys & liver's functioning. It also help diagnose fatal disease such as coronary heart disease, cancer etc.. Blood tests can provide your healthcare provider a lot of information. Painful examinations can be avoided with the help of blood samples, they're also helpful in providing information about overall health condition of a patient. Blood samples are taken from hand, ear, arm or finger depending on the analysis to be made.

Pathology lab in Faridabad

Pathology is the medical discipline that provides diagnostic data about patients health. It effects nearly all aspects of patient centered care, from diagnosing cancer to managing chronic illness through error free laboratory testing. Pathologists use gross, immunologic, microscopic, genetic & molecular modalities to detect the existence of disease, and frequently work closely with surgeons, oncologists & radiologists. All lab tests cover the extraction of different & several samples taken from your body. Healthood Diagnostic centre in Faridabad gives you certainty we provide you accurate results your doctor can rely on. We are here to ensure you get the most accurate laboratory results, every time and in every lab report. Visit our pathology lab to test us, we guarantee of high quality services.

Full body checkup in Faridabad

In our everyday busy life we often neglect our health, and it can be dangerous. We often hear the phrase "a healthy mind resides in a healthy body", we are here to ensure you stay healthy. In India majority of population consider full body checkup as a waste of money but it's an essential and smart step, in order to detect early signs of disorder or potential disease. It helps you avoid expensive and painful surgeries in the future. Full body checkup is a complete diagnosis of your entire body including heart, kidney, lungs & liver. Diagnostic centre in Faridabad provides you the most comprehensive checkup that covers all the most important and relevant tests. We understand the responsibility of your precious health and commit to offers you an extensive range of diagnostic tests and procedures.


Ultrasound test or sonography is also called diagnostic medical sonography. It's a type of imaging test that uses sound waves to create a picture of organs, tissues, and other structures of your body. It also shows different parts of your body that are in motion such as heartbeat, blood flow etc.. an ultrasound can be used in different ways depending on the body part that needs to be checked. Most ultrasound inspection are done using an ultrasound device outside your body, though in some cases it involves placing a small device inside your body.

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MRI Scan

An ultrasound scan, also known as sonography, is the second most Magnetic resonance imaging or an MRI is one of the most frequently recommended image diagnostic tests that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves in a controlled environment for high-quality pict....

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MRI & CT Scan

MRI & CT scan are used to capture images within your body. MRI is frequently used to diagnose joints, ankles, heart, breasts, wrists, blood vessels and brain. CT scan is typically used for monitoring bone fractures, tumors, cancer monitoring and finding internal bleeding. CT scans are more widely used compared to MRIs and are typically less expensive than MRIs.

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Digital X-ray

X-rays are a type of radiation that are also known as electromagnetic waves(x-ray). X-ray imaging creates images of the inside your body displays different parts of your body in different shades of black & white. This happens because different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation. X-ray is commonly used to examine fractures, but in some cases it is also used to detect tumors & other abnormal masses, some types of injuries, dental problems, calcifications, pneumonia or foreign objects.

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ECG Test

ECG stands for electrocardiogram. It is used to record, measure and monitor your heart rate, and displays it in a form of wave like pattern. With modern technology consumers can easily take this test at home. Home or personal use ECGs have sensors built in them, you can stick 1 or 2 fingers against the sensors or you can also wear them on your wrist or body in order to measure your heartbeat and rhythm.

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An echocardiogram (ECHO) 2D echocardiography is commonly known as 2D echo. It's a non-invasive test used to detect functioning and assess the difference section of human heart. With the help of sound vibration this test provide images of different portion of your heart. It is used to identify blockage, damage and blood flow rate. It is commonly recommended by doctors in early stages of heart diseases. 2D echo centre located in Faridabad, uses advanced new generation technology for accuracy of tests.

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TMT Test

Treadmill test(TMT) is part of the stress test that is conducted to evaluate the blood flow to the heart during periods of rest and controlled durations of physical pressure, Healthhood Diagnostic lab is the best diagnostic lab in Faridabad.

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PFT Test

Pulmonary function tests or PFTs are non-invasive tests that are used to detect functioning of lungs, it can measure lungs capacity, volume, gas exchange & rate of flow. This test helps healthcare providers to detect early signs of lung disease or disorder. Visit PFT test centre located in Faridabad to get the test done. Healthood Diagnostic Pathology Lab offers an extensive range of diagnostic tests and procedures across Faridabad. The reason why people choose us is because we provide High quality services at very reasonable prices.

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A DEXA bone density scan or 'dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry' is a non-invasive, painless, and cutting-edge best image diagnostic test conducted to determine your bone mineral density. Healthood diagnostic lab is best for dexa scan.

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